Strategy. Technology. Creativity.

NAS is a leading Internet development and consulting firm that creates innovative e-business solutions. NAS does more than create Internet solutions that satisfy our clients. We create solutions that satisfy our clients' customers. Doing so we make our clients unique and provide leverage from their competitors.

NAS was first established in September 1995 under the name of “NAS Corporation”, running business of networking and information technology. In 1999, the name “NAS Corporation” was changed to “Network Access Systems Company Limited” as a consequence of an acquisition of professional designers, engineers and programmers, who have over-10-year experiences in related fields. Nowadays, NAS’ reputation has been well accepted and recognized in Thailand’s information technology industry.

Areas of expertise include: e-business Web development and consulting; collaborative B2B and B2C exchanges; legacy systems and enterprise application integration; networked Internet websites; and broadband technology.